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WOD-ing Away From Home: The 5 Best Hotel Room WODs

Written by Neola Wilby



Ah, being away from the Box.

Like that one kid at school who wasn’t allowed to go on the class trip to the seaside, you’re on the outside looking in, missing out on all the bonding and camaraderie that’s occurring without you.

Scrolling through your Facebook feed and seeing your workout buddies hitting new PBs and busting out all your favourite WODs. Boo hoo.

But there’s absolutely no reason why being away from the Box means you have to lose out. A temporary absence from the Box doesn’t have to ruin all your hard earned gains.

Whether you’re on an all-inclusive, cocktails on a lilo, free for all of a summer holiday or an all-expenses paid gluttony of a business trip, you are NOT excused from the WOD!

Working away from home? You could be WOD-ing away from home too.

Here are five workouts you can do with little to no equipment from the comfort of your hotel.

1. The ‘don’t disturb the neighbours’ (kinda) silent bodyweight WOD

There are so many great bodyweight-only WODs out there. But most of them involve at least one high impact exercise.

If you’re confined to the third floor hotel room of a Holiday Inn and you don’t want the people in the room beneath you to call reception for an earthquake check, then tuck jumps, burpees and broad jumps can be a little awkward to execute. And no-one should ever have to go half-assed on a tuck jump.

This low impact stealth WOD is perfect for getting in a sneaky workout without disturbing your hotel room neighbours.

10 rounds for time: 10 pushups, 10 sit ups, 10 air squats, 10 second floor L sits

 2. The single kettlebell WOD

The kettlebell is the ultimate portable gym.

It’s one of the most versatile pieces of strength equipment in the universe, so if you’re away from home often, it’s well worth investing in one.

This WOD can be done with just one kettlebell, in the confines of your hotel room or balcony— perfect for the well-travelled WOD-er.

8-Minute AMRAP (alternate arms):

1 single arm swing

1 clean

1 squat

1 press

3. The ‘sun cream and skipping rope’ WODWOD-ing away from home: 5 best hotel room WODs 2

Toothbrush ✓

Sun cream ✓

Beach towel ✓

Skipping rope ✓

The skipping rope is high on the essential holiday packing list for all dedicated CrossFitters.

It’s the instant cardio workout you can keep in your toiletry bag.

Plus, a week off is a great chance to practice those pesky double-unders—how awesome would it be to come back from a week in Menorca with double-unders unlocked?

The benchmark Annie WOD is perfect for holiday double-under practice:

50/40/30/20/10 – double-unders/sit ups.

Feeling energetic? Add a 400m run then, when you get back to the hotel, go back up the ladder: 10/20/30/40/50 – double-unders/sit ups.

4. The ‘hotel with a pool’ WOD

Your Box at home probably doesn’t have the luxury of its own swimming pool. But if your holiday Box (ie your hotel) does, then this is the perfect chance to change the game and get in some water based WODs.

You may draw some curious stares from your fellow holiday makers, but they’re only jealous. This is the perfect pre-sun lounger WOD to enjoy before you get started on those poolside margaritas.

5 x rounds for time: Swim 50m, 25 push ups

4. The ‘circle the hotel like a loon’ WOD

It’s great to run in unknown scenery. If your hotel is somewhere scenic (or even if it’s not), this running based WOD will have you jogging happily out the door and returning to the comfort of your room for an intense core finisher before you can say “room service”.

5 x rounds for time: Run around the perimeter of the hotel (or 200m), 10 squats, 10 push ups.

Then return to your hotel room for 100 sit ups (for time).

You can take the Crossfitter out of the Box, but you can’t take the Box out of the Crossfitter.

We hope you’ll give these hotel based WODs a go on your next trip – and we’d love to see your holiday-WOD-ing snaps – tag us so we can see!