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Start Here: CrossFit Beginner WODs

As we mentioned in our post about being a CrossFit beginner, you can start from scratch or from where you left off with your previous fitness regime. What’s important is to get a few basics straight – this is where are experts come in to show you the moves & the mood!

First off, let’s talk about technique. As you will inevitably learn, it’s more important than anything else in CrossFit. People who sacrifice their technique for time or reps are almost always sorry. And terribly sore. What you can do is start training with a class so there is always someone to fix your shoulders, knees or general posture if needed. Ask for help if you are unsure about the details – the community is responsive beyond measure, so you won’t feel uncomfortable. Even if you do feel uncomfortable, it’s for your own benefit to leave your intimidation at home.

Another thing to remember is that you can and should scale the WODs written on your local CrossFit box’s whiteboard. Learn the technique and then move on to heavy lifting and worrying about RX (RX means doing the WOD exactly as prescribed).

And finally, be prepared that it’s going to hurt sometimes. Being sore is something you should adapt to – even feel proud of. You can help your body recover faster by taking Glucosamine supplements and sticking to a less brutal workout regime in the beginning, and also back up your diet with foods which act anti-inflammatory (fatty fish, green leafy veggies, olive oil). Prioritizing recovery doesn’t mean skipping a workout, it simply means you do what you can to make recovery a quicker and easier process.

Let’s get on to the WODs!

– 5 Kettlebell Swings

– 5 Goblet Squats

– 5 Burpees

– 5 Sit-ups

> 15 minutes AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

– 5 Push-ups

– 10 Step-ups

– 15 Air Squats

> 15 minutes AMRAP

Here are a few more tips for you:

– Don’t skip mobility exercises!

– Master the double unders – not an exercise you’ll love, but a staple for endurance.

– Master burpees to improve strength and conditioning – everyone hates them, yet you’re going to be facing them pretty often.

– Don’t take it too seriously – it’s just a workout and you’re a human being!

And a few mistakes to avoid:

– Working out with your ego.

That is, doing more than your body is physically fit to do. You should be always working out with a clear mind about your own limitations. Yes, the idea is to push them, but your listening to your ego is a sure path to injury. This can a very acute problem when you get to weightlifting… So, scale and push your limits reasonably.

– Not taking nutrition into consideration.

What are your goals? Depending on them, you should adjust your diet accordingly. This is the time to start paying attention to what you put in your body, so you can synchronize your CrossFit and nutrition goals.

– Sacrificing technique for time/repetitions.

Yes, we are repeating this. It’s that important to NOT do it.

How about you – what are your challenges? Share in the comment section below!