Regionals’ Athlete Interview: Matthew Greene… The Road to Minnesota!

Written by Milly Jackson
Matthew Greene workout.
This week we had the pleasure to talk to regionals’ athlete Matthew Greene to discuss his upcoming plans in the Crossfit world. Matt will soon compete in The Kill Cliff Granite Games and we were eager to get some insights on his training! Who is Matthew Greene and What Does He Eat for Breakfast? I am a competitive Crossfit athlete who trains out of Premium Crossfit, my garage, and sometimes random parks, or anywhere there is room to move my body through a full burpee. I eat all the things for breakfast. At least in regards to macros. I make sure to get fat, protein, and carbs in since I have my first big training session after breakfast. It usually looks something like 5 to 6 whole eggs, (yes I know, I’m a cholesterol fiend), some type of complex carb, usually in the form of a sweet potato, or an obscene amount of steel cut oats, (when my overzealous appetite calls for it), mixed with a wide variety of fruits. (Have to add those forbidden simple sugars for taste points) What have been you’re biggest achievements so far in Crossfit? Aside from reaching my previously set personal benchmarks, I would put qualifying and competing at the Crossfit Games super central regional as my most memorable moment thus far. In addition to that, I have qualified for the Kill Cliff cascade classic for two years in a row as well as the Kill Cliff Granite games. Why did you start CrossFit? I was training full time for collegiate wrestling, and fighting MMA/BJJ using any training methodology that challenged me to become better in all facets, and then came by CrossFit one day online, and have not looked back since.   Interview: Matthew Greene... Road to Minnesota!   How Long Have you Been Doing Crossfit? I have been doing CrossFit for nearly three years now. Before that you would most likely run into me, literally,  sprinting down a highway, up a hill, over a bridge, or through your local grocery store.(when I was really hungry..from all the other types of running)   How do you motivate yourself to keep on working out? I keep it simple. I ask myself every day, in fact every moment, if what I’m doing is going to somehow benefit me in helping reach my goals and dreams. If it’s not going to aid me in reaching my goals in some way, you won’t catch me doing it.   What’s does your typical training day look like? A typical training day for me usually starts with what most would call an abundant amount of movements barely legibly written on an oversized whiteboard and ends with a lot of sweat, work and if the occasion calls for it, blood. (AKA: me being reckless. AKA: me being me) But really, my training is pretty conditioning based so most of the day you will see me getting out of breath or laying around the floor covered in all the things mentioned earlier. Aside from my love and obsession for conditioning, I make sure to get at least one strength focused lift a day as well as a skill based accessory piece. Do you take rest days? There are days that you won’t see me at the gym moving, lifting, and throwing barbells around. However, there isn’t a day you will catch me just laying around the house. I am always moving, whether it be swimming, boarding, or biking.   What are your targets for the next months? Specifically: To qualify, compete, and podium at as many high-level competitions as possible. Generally: To make every single weaknesses a strength, and hone in on what I already excel at, so I am as prepared as possible for the 2017 Crossfit Games Open.   What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you while working out? I wear compression shorts on a daily basis. Every day serves as comical relief for myself and anyone that has the pleasure or displeasure (depending on your perspective) of coming into contact with them. Interview: Matthew Greene   What is your favourite WOD / Exercise? Anything that requires little thought, skill, and strength and is only limited by the amount of will power you are willing to put out. Such as burpees, rowing, light weight thrusters, or running.   Tell us what is your secret training technique! 😉 It’s no secret. I work hard. I put my entire being into every single workout and leave no doubt at the end of every day that I did everything in my power to become the best I can. Interview: Matthew Greene... Road to Minnesota! 1   If you could meet any fitness legend, who would you like to meet? I have always admired Dan Bailey for his work ethic, persistence, and love for the sport and all its people.   Last but not least, what do you say to those out there thinking to start their journey in fitness and more specifically, Crossfit? I would tell them to not hold back one single ounce of energy. Whether you have 5 minutes to workout or 5 hours, put your entire heart into it and you will be more than pleased with the outcome.