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Category Archives: Diabetes

Why Muscles Aren’t Just For Show – The Amazing Health Benefits of Building Muscle Mass

Strong is the new skinny. But building muscle mass is about much more than looking great in a swimsuit. Muscles help us move, lift and carry, and the research also shows that they also appear to play a vital role in keeping us healthy. Having an increased muscle mass can protect us against disease, fight […]

Berberine For Diabetes – Is it a Natural Alternative to Metformin?

Incidence of insulin resistance, obesity, and other metabolic diseases have reached massive proportions in our culture. The current popular glucose-lowering drug treatment, Metformin comes with some potential serious side effects. However, there is a natural Metformin alternative that can help the body efficiently process sugar, thereby being safer than pharmaceutical interventions. It’s known as Berberine. […]

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