6 Best Supplements For Summer (Don’t Miss A Minute of Summer Fun!)

Written by Angie Arriesgado
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Your summer adventure won’t be so fun if health issues pop up along the way. We’ve compiled this handy list of perfect-for-summer supplements to minimize potential health risks and maximize your summer fun!

1)   Probiotics for optimal gut health

This supplement is at the top of our list, not because it’s one of our bestsellers, but because EVERYONE can benefit from probiotics (a.k.a. good bacteria). There are so many tangible benefits when taking probiotics, you should definitely read our ultimate probiotics guide (would make for great summer reading, too).

Now, here’s the thing about summer. It’s the perfect time to go traveling and exploring new things. But traveler’s diarrhea is a real thing. You’re exposed to “bad” bacteria everywhere – your food, transportation, accommodation, the people you come into contact with, etc.

So, why not fight bad bacteria with good bacteria? Sounds feasible, right?

Well, according to studies, probiotics can indeed help prevent and treat traveler’s diarrhea. More specifically, these strains have been shown to be effective – Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, and Saccharomyces boulardii (1, 2).

probiotics and prebiotics

The first 3 strains mentioned above are all included in our very own 50 Billion CFU Adult Probiotics and Prebiotics! But we didn’t stop at 3 strains. We added seven more for a total of 10 patented Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains! We also added 2 types of prebiotics within each capsule, too.  

For optimal protection, we recommend you start supplementing with probiotics at least a week before your summer travels. This will allow the good bacteria to start populating in your gut and make it less likely for bad bacteria to overcome them later.

Our probiotics also do not need refrigeration, which makes them perfect for traveling! Just try not to expose them to heat as the microbes can easily die in hot conditions.  

Alternative probiotics supplements:

Our Women’s Probiotics & Prebiotics is perfect for ladies who also require feminine health support. This supplement has a strength of 6 Billion CFU, and contains 4 strains of probiotics, 2 types of prebiotics, cranberry powder, and d-mannose.

Our Kids’ Probiotics & Prebiotics is sugar-free and gentle enough for kids’ sensitive tummies. It has a strength of 6 Billion CFU, and contains 2 strains of probiotics and 2 types of prebiotics.

2) Supplement with Collagen to protect your skin from the summer sun

Declining natural collagen production can lead to wrinkles and fine lines on your face when you reach your 20s. But you know what else can speed up wrinkle formation? The summer sun! Too much sun exposure can dry and damage your skin, making you look years older.

But the sun’s not the only culprit – saltwater, chlorine, smoking, and alcohol can all contribute to making your skin look very wrinkled. You may not see the aging effect right away, but if you don’t do anything about it, will definitely start making an appearance soon!

Fortunately, our Intelligent Labs Collagen Peptides can help! Peptides are the bioavailable form of collagen, meaning the body no longer needs to break them down in order to use it.

Collagen provides structural support for sun-kissed skin, repairs damaged tissue, restores your hair and nails to good health, and more! It truly is one of the best supplements for summer to take care of skin health and beyond. Here’s a more comprehensive list of collagen’s amazing health benefits.

Not sure how much collagen you should take for best results? Check out this infographic:

collagen is one of the best supplements for summer to take care of skin health

3) Omega-3 fish oil for eye health

Summer colors may not be as vibrant as autumn’s but they’re lovely all the same, especially the different shades of green! Omega-3 is a supplement that can help you appreciate all the beautiful sights and colors of summer. Without this essential nutrient, we won’t be able to see the world around us clearly.

You see, Omega-3 is crucial to eye development and maintenance. It can help alleviate dry eye symptoms, a condition that can worsen with increased exposure to sunlight, salt in seawater, chlorine in pools, and dust particles in the air. Moreover, it can also help ease the discomfort of wearing contact lenses for extended periods (3).  

Now, you can get Omega-3 fish oil naturally from different kinds of fatty fish. But if you’re not a fan of eating fish, then supplementing with our Ultra Pure Omega-3 Fish Oil is the next best thing.  

Here’s the great thing about Omega-3 though – its benefits aren’t limited to eye health. It’s one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories, so its benefits are wide-ranging! Here’s an infographic on the 24 ways Omega-3 can help improve your life:

infographic on the 24 ways omega-3 can help you and your loved ones

4) Antioxidants to fight free radicals (they’re abundant in summer)

Free radicals are getting a lot of bad rap nowadays. But did you know they’re actually a natural byproduct of metabolism and other chemical processes in the body? As long as there are enough antioxidants to neutralize them, they’re not something to worry about (4).

However, external factors such as cigarette smoking, pollutants, and toxic chemicals can cause free radical formation to go into overdrive. Plus, during the summer season, there’s also a really sunny culprit… the sun’s ultraviolet rays (5)! Too much sun exposure for extended periods can even put you at risk of skin cancer (6).

To prevent free radicals from ruining your summer fun, take precautions to avoid excessive UV exposure. This means applying sunscreen every time you head out into the sun and eating plenty of antioxidant-rich foods like fruits and vegetables. For well-rounded protection, take an antioxidant supplement such as our Intelligent Labs Liposomal Glutathione.

Why glutathione? Well, it’s the body’s master antioxidant. It not only fights free radicals, but it can also regenerate other antioxidants, like vitamins C and E!

Check out this web story for more reasons to love our Liposomal Glutathione:

5)  Multivitamins – one of the best supplements for summer for overall health and wellness

Trying out new flavors and exploring food cultures in different places is a great way to spend summer. But you’ll probably be so immersed in your gastronomic adventures that you may not realize you’re missing some key nutrients in your diet!

Here’s where a high-quality multivitamin comes in – it can help you get all the essential nutrients your body needs even when you’re in Dora-the-explorer mode. But there are so many multivitamin brands out there, which one’s right for you?

Well, a comprehensive multivitamin like our Adult Multivitamin and Women’s Prenatal Multivitamin are both excellent choices!

Both products contain 25 essential vitamins and minerals, including the bioactive forms of Vitamins B6, B12, and B9 (5-MTHF Activated Folate). Also, both include natural antioxidants and energy and immunity-boosters to protect you against summer pathogens.

That said, the main difference between these two products are the dosages. Our Women’s Prenatal Multivitamin is formulated to support women’s nutrition and any possible pregnancy (planned or otherwise). This is important because neural tube defects in a developing fetus occur within the first month of pregnancy, a time when many women are blissfully unaware they’re even pregnant! Taking a prenatal vitamin helps cover all the bases – your nutrition and a future offspring.

6)  Glucosamine for summer joint health support

Just because you’re getting on in years doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy summer anymore! Sure, aching joints may limit movement and prevent you from indulging in everything summer has to offer. It’s tough when even the mildest, senior-friendly activities can still cause joint pain and discomfort.

Picture of glucosamine

But don’t worry, we’ve formulated our Intelligent Labs Glucosamine Complex to help relieve joint pain and arthritis. Our supplement features 1500mg of Glucosamine, a natural chemical derived from shellfish. Studies show that glucosamine helps relieve knee pain and preserve joint structure in osteoarthritis patients (7).

For optimal joint support, we’ve added other well-researched ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory and joint healing properties! These are chondroitin, boswellia, turmeric, quercetin, methionine, MSM, and bromelain.

Take our Glucosamine supplement and keep your joints healthy as you age, so you can continue to enjoy summer with your loved ones!

So, what are your favorite summer supplements?

Personally, I’ll go with summer supplements #1-5. For older loved ones, I’d ask them to bring #6 (glucosamine) as well. Whatever you end up doing this summer break, these products will help you make the most of the (arguably) best season of the year!


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