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Author Archives: Dr Jane Gilbert

Why Muscles Aren’t Just For Show – The Amazing Health Benefits of Building Muscle Mass

Strong is the new skinny. But building muscle mass is about much more than looking great in a swimsuit. Muscles help us move, lift and carry, and the research also shows that they also appear to play a vital role in keeping us healthy. Having an increased muscle mass can protect us against disease, fight […]

One Thing You Can Do Right Now To Bring More Happiness, Wealth and Success

The title of this blog does make me feel a little like a snake-oil salesman, making impossibly grandiose promises. Surely, it couldn’t be that simple right? Well, according to scientific research maybe it is. So what is the magic bullet? A tablet, an injection, a form of surgery? No, it’s simply gratitude. Really, cultivating a […]

7 Foods That Happy People Eat

dark chocolate contains the brain’s bliss molecule anandamide that temporarily blocks bad mood

Virginia Woolf said that “one cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Food has an incredible capacity to make us feel good. Food can make us happy. It’s not just about flavour and the feel-good factor. Food contains micronutrients that can impact the way our bodies and brains function. […]

How to Eat To Heal and Prevent Arthritis

Over 54 millions of Americans have been diagnosed with some type of arthritis, and the frustrating truth is that there is still no cure available. Anyone who suffers from the relentless pain, soreness, stiffness and swellings knows that it can affect every aspect of your life: sleep, work and play. The good news is that […]

7 Health Foods That Just Aren’t Healthy!

You’re going to the gym and choosing healthy options instead of chowing down on chips and chocolate. So, why is your waistline still bulging? The truth is that for too many years, we’ve been force-fed a diet of inaccurate information about the food we eat. Manufacturers have pushed fat-free, “diet”, and “light” options that tend […]

Could a Nap a Day Save Your Life?

Napping is not just for dogs and children. Some of the world’s most influential thinkers and leaders have catnapped every day. Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Salvador Dali, John F Kennedy and Calvin Coolidge all found that a short snooze left them refreshed, recharged and ready to work. Science confirms that napping can help beat the […]

Does Chocolate Make You Smarter?

Chocolate makes you smarter

Chocolate is probably the favorite sweet among all age groups. Very few people can resist chocolate and since you taste it in your childhood, it is almost automatically considered as the ideal sweet that follows you for your whole life. Chocolate has been used since ancient times and people used it to treat several diseases, […]