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Phosphatidylserine: The Ultimate Supplement Guide

Phosphatidylserine can improve exercise stamina and athletic performance

In this Ultimate Supplement Guide, we summarize the scientific literature and provide everything you need to know about phosphatidylserine in foods and supplements, all in one place. This article contains more than 20 citations from reputable medical websites and scientific studies. We dug through mountains of medical literature so you don’t have to. If you […]

Cognitive Decline – Can Phosphatidylserine Help?

Cognitive decline and phosphatidylserine

A happy, healthy brain that works well has brain cells that can efficiently connect or ‘talk’ with each other. The way brain cells connect is called a “synapse”, and all the cells in our brain and central nervous systems use synapses to allow us to think, move, learn and remember. However, as we age our […]

What is Phosphatidylserine?

phosphatidylserine improves short term memory, inattention problems and impulsivity

What is phosphatidylserine? Well, we all consume phosphatidylserine every day, but unfortunately, most of us are still short of it. Phosphatidylserine is available in a number of foods, including soy (which is the main source), white beans, egg yolks, chicken liver, and beef liver. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for our bodies to absorb sufficient amounts from […]