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Could omega 3’s be the ultimate Holy Grail when it comes to anti-aging?

There are many benefits to living with today’s tremendous advances in science and medicine. One of the main advantages is an increased life expectancy where many more people are able to live to a ripe old age. However, as one approaches middle age our risk of developing various diseases increases simply because we are another year […]

How Omega 3 Supplementation Increases Muscle Mass And Strength

omega 3 body building

In my last post I talked about how omega 3 fish oil can improve blood flow to the muscles during exercise thereby increasing performance. This post is on the key role omega 3 can play in promoting new muscle growth and strength increases, and also how it helps to prevent muscle loss or wasting due […]

Omega 3 Supplementation Reduces DOMS Pain!

Omega-3 reduces

DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is the bane of exercisers the world over. Hit a workout hard and it’s likely you’ll be hobbling around for a few days afterwards, no matter how ‘fit’ you are.  The most frustrating thing is that sports scientists’ have really struggled to come up with anything to improve the pain and […]

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