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Could omega 3’s be the ultimate Holy Grail when it comes to anti-aging?

There are many benefits to living with today’s tremendous advances in science and medicine. One of the main advantages is an increased life expectancy where many more people are able to live to a ripe old age. However, as one approaches middle age our risk of developing various diseases increases simply because we are another year […]

Omega-3: A Future Treatment Of Parkinson’s Disease!

Parkinson's Disease!

Tremors. Slurred speech. Slow movement. 50,000 new cases per year. No cure.   1998 was the year that Parkinson’s Disease came into public consciousness. Michael J. Fox announced his diagnosis and brought the disease into mainstream awareness. In the years since his announcement, the disease has been heavily researched yet we do not know exactly […]

The Importance Of The Omega 3 : 6 Ratio

All too often we hear about the negative effects that the modern Western diet has on our health. From artificial sweeteners to high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated fats, vegetable oils, grains and everything in between, it seems as if there is no end to the list of potential poisons in our food supply. One of […]

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