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Tag Archives: Anxiety.

Probiotics, Depression and Anxiety – How Probiotics Change How You Feel

We all know the sayings “A gut feeling”, “trust your gut” and “it’s gut check time”, however, the latest research is showing that they far more than just sayings and are actually something very real.  That’s because our guts are literally a ‘2nd brain’, with their own nervous system – the enteric nervous system or […]

Danger in a Can: Are Energy Drinks Safe?

The traditional pick-me-up drink has always been coffee. It provides a quick wake-up and keeps us from feeling groggy. For most, a cup of coffee is more than enough to stay alert. However, the bitter, fragrant drink has slowly been nudged out of the way and replaced with canned energy drinks. It’s now common to […]

How Omega-3 Helps Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety


Depressive  and mood disorders are extremely common. It expected that the majority of adults will experience some form of depression at some point in their life. These disorders are extremely varied in severity and treatment. The causes for these disorders are not entirely known due to the fact that there are so many different factors […]

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