Are You Wasting Your Money
on Health Supplements

And Flushing Your Health Down the Toilet!?

There are thousands of supplements out there all competing for your health with hefty promises, slick packaging and pseudo-scientific data.

You like to consider yourself smart and informed because you do your research on the supplements you purchase.

But when it comes to omega-3 you find good data elusive. Some supplements are over $50 so does that mean they are purer and more potent than their cheaper counterparts?

How does your wallet, good science and a great product all come together?

Like the discovery of most great things you have to navigate your way through knock-offs and myths.

Fool Me Twice…

You love results you can see in the mirror.

That’s what keeps you going every day. It’s what wakes you up at 5am to run the boulevard before work.

It’s what pushes you to go to the gym after work for arms and shoulder day.

It’s what keeps you from drinking a little less on those Friday nights with friends at the pub down the street.

It’s what makes it hard to remember your last cheat day. And it’s what brings you to the health food store every month.

You know that getting enough omega-3 in the Western diet is nearly impossible. But I’m willing to bet you have no idea what’s in your omega-3.

Don’t worry, most people don’t.!

Only, you can decide now whether you want something real or if you want to keep wasting your money on a placebo effect.


Start Proactive Instead of Reactive

Fish Oil Pills

Many companies have taken great lengths to hide what’s really in their omega-3.

At best there’s quite a bit of confusion about the exact dosage of each of omega-3’s key fatty acids, and at worst there’s, well, just plain old misinformation on the label.

Surprisingly, the Internet isn’t much more helpful than the misleading label.

The internet is filled with bite-sized half-truths, exaggerated claims and an abundance of psychologically rooted sales pitches.

Instead of coming away with the satisfaction of a thoroughly researched decision you’re exhausted by a fruitless trek from the cyber jungle.

I don’t want you to wonder or wander anymore. And, more importantly, I want to take your health out of the hands of companies that put money over health and give it back to you.

Let me show you the truth…

You’re Only as Strong as Your Weakest Link!

Omega-3 is the foundation for good health and an essential nutrient for your workout game plan.

  • Recover faster!
  • No more muscle soreness! Reduce swelling and muscle pain so your body can focus on tissue repair.
  • The ultimate fat-burner. Allow fat to be burned faster while inhibiting fat storage.
  • Brain candy. Improve memory and elevate mood. Many people that are depressed or fatigued can greatly benefit from omega-3. In fact, omega-3 deficiency transcends the mental well-being sphere, affecting your heart and circulation. Sadly, an omega-3 deficiency is more serious than people realize; millions of people die each year from causes related to omega-3 deficiency.
Weakest Link

Work Smarter Not Harder


Omega-3 has been essential to mankind since the inception of our species. This super nutrient jumpstarted our higher-brain functioning.

Our story begins with omega-3, when human consciousness burst out onto the scene. Amazingly, not only has omega-3 been responsible for our evolution millions of years ago but it still is guiding us as we continue to evolve.

While you work on sculpting your body by eating right and all those hours at the gym, the right omega-3 supplement could see your performance explosion.