Magenhance Magnesium FAQs

Thank you for buying our MagEnhance magnesium! I just wanted to take this opportunity to discuss 2 different aspects of using our magnesium, so you can make sure you get the absolute most benefit from it. They are preventing potential side effects and understanding the correct dosage.

Preventing Magnesium Side effects

Magnesium is a very safe supplement to take, and any excess is easily excreted by the body in the urine and feces. We only use the highest quality most absorbable forms of magnesium to keep any chance of side effects happening to an absolute minimum. However, when you first start taking magnesium and your body isn’t used to the higher doses it can have a laxative effect, which can cause little diarrhea or an upset stomach.

So if this does happen to you, or if you want to prevent it happening during the first few days of taking magnesium you can:

a) Firstly start with one capsule a day, if it’s well-tolerated, move up to 2, etc. This allows your body to get used to absorbing the magnesium gradually. If you do notice some symptoms stick at that dose for a few days (as long as it’s tolerable) and it should pass if it doesn’t reduce the dosage again.

b) If you do have symptoms that don’t go away after a few days you can split up your daily dosage into more serving, so one capsule with breakfast and 1 or 2 before bed. This will reduce the amount of magnesium passing through your digestive system at any one time.

Magnesium-L-Threonate and Headaches

Our Magnesium contains Magnesium-L-Threonate, which is specifically designed to raise levels of magnesium in the brain. This can help people who suffer from migraines or headaches, and is excellent for all aspects of brain health, learning and thinking clearly. However, in the first week or 2, because levels of magnesium are building up in the brain, it can occasionally cause mild headaches. This is completely normal and passes quickly, but it is also something to be aware of.

Correct Magnesium Dosage

The standard dosage is 3 capsules a day. This is sufficient to correct a magnesium deficiency and maintain healthy levels in the body to help all areas of your health. However, if you have more severe symptoms you need to treat, or you want to access the full learning/memory/executive performance-enhancing abilities of Magnesium-L-Threonate, you can go up to 6 capsules a day, but please don’t exceed this!

If you have any other questions you’d like to ask us, just reply to the email, we love to help!