Thank you for buying our Meriva Curcumin Phytosome! I just wanted to take this opportunity to go over some key points that will help you get the best results from taking Meriva.

They are:

1) Should I Take Meriva With or Without Food?

Ideally take it with food. The Curcumin in Meriva is combined with Lecithin which is primarily made up of a molecule called Phosphatidylcholine which is a phospholipid. Phospholipids are best absorbed when taken with food. Food stimulates the release of pancreatic enzymes and bile which more completely emulsifies the Phosphatidylcholine, allowing much better absorption.

2) How Long Does it Take to Work?

You should start to feel the benefits of Meriva within 4 – 6 weeks (and possibly much quicker). However long term studies of Meriva have shown that people can continue to see improvements in symptoms for 6 months or longer.

3) How Much Meriva Should I Take?

We recommend taking 1 gram of Meriva a day (4, 250mg capsules). We suggest starting with 2 capsules a day, and then potentially moving up to 4 depending on whether you see the improvements you are looking for or not. This is based on the specific dosages used successfully in scientific studies.

For example one major study found large reductions of inflammation levels in the body (up to 16x), and significant improvements in the symptoms of Osteoarthritis with a 1g (4 capsules a day) dose of Meriva.

4) Is it Safe to Take Long Term and is it OK for a Low Oxalate Diet?

Meriva has been shown to be safe for long term use in scientific studies. Also unlike ordinary Turmeric, Meriva is very low in oxalates, and completely fine for a low oxalate diet. Each capsule only contains 0.0025mg of oxalate, with a low oxalate diet ideally being less than 50mg of oxalate a day.

If you have any other questions you’d like to ask us, just reply to the email, we love to help!