Thanks for buying our Probiotic! I just also wanted to take this opportunity to go over some questions with you that we get asked frequently. They are great questions we want all our customers to understand that will really help your child / children get the maximum benefits available from probiotic supplementation.

They are:

1) When is the best time for my child/children to take their Probiotics?

They can take them at any time, however we generally recommend taking them with a meal, ideally breakfast in the morning. The reason is food will lower the acidity of the stomach, (i.e raise stomach PH), so it is more beneficial for the bacteria. Although our probiotic strains are specifically selected for resistance to stomach acids, every little bit helps.

2) Where is the best place to store the Probiotics?

Our Probiotics have specifically selected strains, so they don’t need to be refrigerated. However, we recommend storing them in a cool dry place.

3) Will my child experience gas, bloating or diarrhoea?

A little gas or bloating is the most common side effect when taking probiotics in both adults and children. If it does happen it will normally happen in the first few days after they start taking the probiotic. It’s important to understand that this is the body’s natural response, and it’s actually nothing to worry about and usually passes in a few days.

The reasons it often occurs is because the gut bacteria is rebalancing itself. Probiotic bacteria are active against yeast, harmful bacteria and fungi, and when they take probiotics harmful microorganisms will start to die. This is what can cause these issues to temporarily increase. It’s actually a sign that the beneficial bacteria are getting to work and helping their gut!

4) My child is on Antibiotics, can they take Probiotics?

Yes, your child can take probiotics with antibiotics, studies suggest it’s favourable to do so, and helps them to recover more quickly after they finished the course of antibiotics. However, we recommend that you make sure they take their probiotics and antibiotics at least 2 hours apart to reduce the possibility of the antibiotic killing the probiotic organisms.

If you have any other questions you’d like to ask us, just reply to the email, we love to help!