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One Thing You Can Do Right Now To Bring More Happiness, Wealth and Success

The title of this blog does make me feel a little like a snake-oil salesman, making impossibly grandiose promises. Surely, it couldn’t be that simple right? Well, according to scientific research maybe it is. So what is the magic bullet? A tablet, an injection, a form of surgery? No, it’s simply gratitude. Really, cultivating a […]

Could a Nap a Day Save Your Life?

Napping is not just for dogs and children. Some of the world’s most influential thinkers and leaders have catnapped every day. Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Salvador Dali, John F Kennedy and Calvin Coolidge all found that a short snooze left them refreshed, recharged and ready to work. Science confirms that napping can help beat the […]

Arm chair gains: The Amazing Benefits of Being Lazy!

A long time ago, I was a lawyer. In that corporate world of high flying Type-A personalities and shoulder pads, my colleagues wore their stress levels like a badge of honour on their pin stripe power suits. Working 14 hour days, skipping lunch to annotate extremely important (and impossibly long) documents and conducting life-or-death conference […]

Need a Gym Bag Deodorizer? 2 Great Gym Bag Freshener Solutions!

When you’re working out, you’re probably not thinking about the aftermath. But as much as your body needs freshness, your gym bag could use a dash of scent too! We know that many of you tried different store-bought solutions, but when it comes to choosing the best gym bag deodorizer, you might want to go […]

Easy Steps To Get Rid of Back Pain

get rid of back pain

Lower back pain is a common ailment that can make even the least strenuous tasks unbearable. No matter what activity you’re doing, whether it’s sitting at your desk at work or playing a game of basketball, you’re using your back so the pain can often be unavoidable. In many cases, weakened back and abdominal muscles […]