Thank you for buying our 5 MTHF! I just wanted to take this opportunity to discuss using 5 MTHF. 5 MTHF can literally be a life changing nutrient for those suffering from MTHFR genetic mutations, (such as the C677T MTHFR mutation). However, it’s important to point out and explain that there can be significant side effects. By being aware of them we can lessen them, and also ensure that your experience with our 5 MTHF has the best possible results.

Firstly you’ve purchased the 5 MG 5 MTHF, and this can be a high dose if you have no previous experience of taking 5 MTHF, ideally you will have already tried this strength after advice from your doctor.

Generally when a person first starts taking methylfolate there are 3 different types of response.

They are:

1. A person takes 5 MTHF feels amazing and wonders why did I not know about this stuff before!

2.  A person takes 5 MTHF and then feels amazing wonders why did I not know about this stuff before! However, after a week or so they start to feel less amazing, and then find they might want to just hide in bed for a day, or start wanting to throw things across rooms, or suffer joint and muscle pain or headaches. Then the following week go back to feeling amazing again.

3. A person takes 5 MTHF and gets hit with a lot of the methylfolate side effects straight away, without getting any of the good stuff.

Whilst we hope you’ll be in the first category, it’s obviously not possible to guarantee this.

A list of side effects can include:

  • Insomnia, irritability, acne, palpitations, sore muscles, achy joints, rash, severe anxiety, nausea, headaches, migraines.

If you experience either of 2 or 3 please speak to your doctor. Usually these side effects are caused by the body producing too many methyl groups (known as SAMe). Therefore you may need to reduce your dose, or not take your dose as often. Some days your body just might not need as much, and this may happen more often the longer you take 5 MTHF, as your body adjusts and naturally switches back on it’s own folate and methylation pathways.

Also there could be other underlying issues that need to be taken care of before taking 5 MTHF can be effective for you, such as pre-existing inflammation and other genetic mutations that you’re not currently aware of.

If you do feel any side effects a great way to stop them pretty much in their tracks is by taking 50 – 100mg of Niacin (also called vitamin B3) which ‘soaks up’ the excess methyl groups.

If you have any other questions you’d like to ask us, just reply to the email, we love to help!