Be FREE from Your Cholesterol and
Arthritis Medication…

And Their Downright Nasty Side Effects…FOREVER!

You FINALLY made it. You’re retired…

Now you have the time to commit to restoring that ’67 Mustang that’s been sitting in the garage.

There’s your old vinyl collection waiting in the basement. The Rolling Stones, Richie Valens, Patsy Cline, all the voices that your precocious grandson said he would convert into digital format for you.

There’s the kitchen you wanted to redecorate. And the French garden you’ve envisioned in the corner of the yard by the maple tree.

But you’re feeling totally wiped out.

Your arthritis medication may not even be working the way your doctor said it would and you can barely grab your keys from your purse much less dig up roots with a trowel.

Let’s face it, sometimes you’re in too much pain and so groggy that you don’t even feel like doing anything.

Arthritis Pain

You Wouldn’t Gamble with Your Retirement Fund so
Don’t Gamble With Your Health!

Health Risk

We’d all like to forget about our health issues and bury our heads in the sand.

But that won’t change the serious risks that high cholesterol poses.

Blood clots, heart attacks and strokes are inevitable if left ignored.

Only now the side effects make you want to sleep and your cholesterol is still close to a dangerous level.

You did something about your arthritis too. You’re being proactive. But is it even working the way you thought it would?

You’re still getting flare-ups and even on your good days you feel weak and tired and that’s not even the worst part. Many arthritis medications can cause stomach complications that can lead to heartburn and bleeding.

And if that’s not bad enough the toxic byproducts created from the metabolization process can cause serious liver damage.

Don’t Trade Your Gold for Silver

Many people have gone down this road.

They’ve been medicated for high cholesterol and painful arthritis thinking they’ve found relief and instead only gain little if any improvement—and to make things worse they have to struggle with harmful side effects!.

They’re in the stage of life when they finally don’t have to work anymore, the place they’ve looked forward to all their lives.

They imagined family cookouts, spending more time with their children and grandchildren, and vacations to Paris and Milan.

Only to find that they’re too sick and emotionally drained to leave their rooms much less visit another country.

If you’re reading this you might be one of these people.

But it’s not your fault! You were only listening to your doctor.

Gold for Silver

You Owe It To Yourself to Try Something
That Actually Works!

Active Old Couple

Consider a nutrient that was responsible for jumpstarting the evolution of mankind millions of years ago.

It was responsible for initiating higher-brain functions which enabled us to adapt, survive and evolve.

And here’s the interesting part, it still is helping us to evolve. But sadly most Americans are seriously deficient of this nutrient making it the 6th biggest killer in the country.

Research and independent studies around the benefits of this nutrient have risen dramatically since the 1980’s.

Since then the American Heart Association has recommended a daily dose of this nutrient because it promotes a healthy cardiovascular system.

Not only can this nutrient save your life it can give you back the quality of life you thought you’d never have again.

It might just be the greatest thing you’ve never heard about.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Reduces inflammation WITHOUT harmful side effects and damage to the liver. Reduce inflammation the way it was intended, naturally. That means no more tenderness and swelling, and no more PAIN.
  • Promotes cardiovascular health and elastic arteries, while lowering bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. This nutrient promotes healthy levels of cholesterol, keeping triglycerides (bad cholesterol) low and HDL (good cholesterol) high.
  • Energy! In many studies this element has been shown to increase energy levels which in turn elevate mood and sharpen cognitive function.
  • Say goodbye to toxic medications and expensive co-pays. You don’t have to weather the bad side effects anymore. No more waiting in lines at the pharmacy just to throw your money away.
  • Memory. Remember what it’s like to feel healthy again. Remember what it’s like to live without pain and grogginess. The best years of your life are waiting for you.